Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Lip Care Routine (with MUSTAVE PRODUCTS)

The winter is my favourite time of the year to wear matte dark lipstick, but I've found that the really cold London weather leaves my lips in the worst condition. I have found a few products that can help your lips stay soft and supple all year around and especially for the cold winter days. This routine can be done in the morning or before bed and works full effect if done both morning and night.

Firstly you want to get rid of the dry, dead skin that preventing your lips from being soft, this is best done by using a lip scrub or exfoilating your lips using a toothbrush. The one I have been using that is works well and is affordable is the Lush- bubblegum flavour sugar lip scrub.
Other alternatives include:
Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lipscrub
Sara Happ Cinnamon Sugar Lipscrub
Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoilating Lipscrub
Korres Organic Lemon Lipscrub
Or make your own at home using honey and sugar.

After exfoilating your lips you wanna moisture your lips, my favourite lip balm to use is the Bert's Bees lip balm as they are super hydrating leave your lips moistured for hours. But my favourite lip balm of all time is the Blistex Relief Cream, which is not your conventional lip balm as it is more of a cream substance. But works wonders, especially before bed and applied 10-15 minutes in the morning before applying lipstick. 

Thats it, two easy steps to making your lips super soft and hydrated. 

I always hear people mentioning lip products such as Carmex and Vaseline, but these products do not hydrate the lips but just make a film over the lips. Hydrating the lips is VERY important as the skin on the lips do not product moisture like skin around the body and need to be constantly moistured.

Thank You 

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