Thursday, 31 July 2014

How to grow out your eyebrows? (THICK & BUSHY)

Hey guys,

As you can see I have some crazy thick and bushy eyebrows (which is very on trend and really frames your face). I am constantly getting compliments and questions on how I grew out my eyebrows so thick. Below I have a little brow journey with before and after picture of my eyebrows (without being filled in).

June 2010
July 2014
My brows have come a long way since 2010, and my thicker eyebrows frame my face a lot better (oh and by the way I do fill in my eyebrows now as I do have some sparse areas). A few changes I have made that have made a dramatic difference, firstly is I no longer pluck my eyebrows I now wax them (I have a major case of over plucking).

Another thing that has really helped my eyebrows is filling them in, I slightly over fill my eyebrows so when it comes to waxing my brows I don't wax too much off. (DON'T over fill them too much this is a long process you don't want to look like you have sharpie eyebrows)
Two products I have used on my eyebrows that has really helped them grow are Castor Oil and the Diorshow Maximizer (I use these products over night). The castor oil provides moisture which hair all over our body needs to promote hair growth. The Diorshow Maximizer comes in a mascara tube and can be used as a lash primer and on your eyebrows over night to help them grow as the product contains protein which promotes hair growth.

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