Monday, 29 September 2014

DIY: Make your own tinted brow gel

Hey guys,
I just wanted to make a quick post on this new brow product I have been totally addicted to. I have quite bushy thick eyebrows and am always looking for the perfect brow products that won't make my brows look like I've drawn them on with a sharpie.
Lately I been using a tinted brow gel just to set my eyebrows and give them a bit of colour. Personally I think finding the best tinted brow gel in the drugstore impossible, so I have come up with a DIY tinted brow gel.

All you need is two products:

  • A eyeshadow 2-3 shades lighter than the colour of your brow hairs
All you need to do is crumble up a pea size amount of the eyeshadow and carefully pour it into the clear mascara tube. Once the eyeshadow is in the tube, use the mascara brush to churn the clear mascara and eyeshadow until they are both mixed together. This product can be used on its own as a natural look or on top of a brow pencil to set the hairs and add more colour. 

Hope you found this post useful, if you know any great brow products please let me know I'm still looking for the perfect product.

Rebecca x

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