Sunday, 14 September 2014

Your Guide To Achieving The Best Highlight/ Contour

Hey Guys,

Here a few quick tips on highlighting and contouring the face that some of you may already know but most will find very informative.


  • Places on the face to contour: cheeks, nose, jaw, hairline, eyelids and below the lip.
  • Choose a produce with a grey undertone, your contour should look like a shadow so stay away from the orange/red bronzers.
  • Using a darker foundation or eyeshadow works just as good as buying a separate contour kit. 
  • Go at least 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone (the darker the shade the deeper the contour)
  • Try using a cream product as the blend-ability will be much better, then you can set this with a powder.
  • Use an angled or a fan brush to apply your contour, this gives you a precise application.
  • And most importantly always REMEMBER TO BLEND!!!


  • Places on your face to highlight: center of the forehead, along the bridge and tip of the nose, under your brow bone, the inner tear duct, under the eyes, cupids bow, chin, cheekbones and center of the bottom lip.
  • Use a concealer or lighter foundation for matte highlight and a eyeshadow for shimmer (but stay away from the glitters)
  • Use a cream highlight and set this with a powder (this applies to both matte and shimmer products)
  • Go at least 2-3 shades lighter (remember not to go too light you don't want to look like a drag queen)
  • Use a matte highlight for all over the face and shimmer highlight for brow bone, cheek bones, cupids bow, bridge and tip of nose, inner tear duct and center of bottom lip.
  • Use a yellow undertone for under the eyes, this brightens the under eye area and hides dark circles.
  • Pearl shimmers work best for pale skin and for olive/darker skin go for a golden shimmer.
  • And always REMEMBER TO BLEND!!!!
I hope these quick tips helped, and if you have any extra tips let me know :-D


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