Monday, 20 October 2014

10 Tips to Long Shiny Hair

There are many products to make your hair long and shiny but here are some of my rules to get long shiny hair that have actually worked for me.
  1. Use a oil as a hair mask at least once a week, this helps moisture the hair and promotes hair growth.
  2. Use a shampoo and condition that is sulphate and paraben free, these chemicals only cover the hair to make it smooth and shiny but doesn't penetrate through the hair follicle. 
  3. Embrace your natural hair, don't use heat on your hair e.g. hair straighteners, curlers or blow dryer. 
  4. Tie your hair up loosely and don't mess with it, this stops hairs being pulled out. 
  5. Trim dead ends off, the end of your hair is the oldest and tends to be the most damaged.
  6. Do not comb hair when wet, your hair is at its weakest and most likely to break. 
  7.  Use a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom and work your way upwards, this stops tugging on the hair root.
  8. Don't dye your hair, this damages the hair strand and takes out moisture from the hair leaving it dry and damaged.
  9. Don't use too many products, you will have to wash your hair less which means less stripping natural oils from your hair.
  10. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water and to take vitamins, this has a massive effect on the health of your hair and overall body.
Hope these 10 simple rules help you get started on your hair journey, if you know any more tips to long  shiny hair I would love to know as I'm not a professional and I love learning from others.

Rebecca X

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