Thursday, 2 October 2014

3 Tips To Stop Under Eye Creasing

Hey guys,

I always notice my under eye concealer is the first thing that needs touching up about 30 minutes after I apply my makeup on and I'm not always near a mirror to correct the creasing through the day. Here are a couple tips on choosing the right under eye concealer: firstly you don't want a concealer that is too dry  as this causes a lot of creasing. So the best formula for a under eye concealer is creamy and not to thick. Secondly you want to pat the concealer in this helps its staying power and the produce is less likely to move around.

So here comes the tips to prevent creasing, I hope your ready....

  • Before applying your concealer, apply your eyelid primer where you would normally get creasing. The same way the eyelid primer prevents creasing on the eyelids it will do the same on your under eyes. 
  • After applying your concealer, set the concealer with a finely milled translucent powder, this fills in the gaps where the concealer will sink into and cause creases. 
  • After applying concealer get a piece of toilet paper and peel the layers so you have one thin sheet, then use this sheet to blot under the eyes. This process works well as the thin sheet of toilet paper absorbs the excess oils from the concealer, so it does not slide into your fine lines. 
Hopefully you can find some of these tips useful, if you have any other tips to prevent under eye creasing I would love to know as I love trying new things.

Rebecca x

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